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Tips for Dictation Success | Dictaphone Typing Ireland | My Secretary Dublin

Professional dictation is a skill and when done effectively it cuts down typing times and indeed is more cost effective.

My Secretary provides professional tape dictation and digital dictation transcription services to a range of clients - from medical and legal consultants to board members and education professionals. Here, we provide our top tips for dictation success.

1. Ensure background noise is kept to a minimum for a clear recording.

2. Test your tape/recording device in order to check to check the acoustics.

3. Create a plan. Well mapped out dictations create the clearest recordings.

4. Be detailed. Give important details such as dates and spell out unusual names, words or jargon in your audio transcription piece.

5. Give direction on specific punctuation e.g. paragraph, stop, comma. These will be applied by the transcriber, but it is clearer when given as part of the dictation.

6. Speak slowly and clearly in your dictation.

My Secretary is based in Dublin and works with clients across Ireland, providing professional typing and audio transcription services. My Secretary can work with through the tape transcription machine or by digital audio file.

Contact us for competitive rates and more information.

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