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Thank you for your interest in my book.

While the subject matter is scientific,it was written – and should be read,in a literary,historical and philosophical context. What maths there is, apart from chapter 2, is largely confined to appendices. The purpose of this maths is to underpin my various conclusions and reflections throughout the book.

I hope you enjoy reading Hidden Dimensions? and find it interesting enough to follow-up on some of the concepts just touched on in the book such as Black Holes and Gravitational Waves, Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

In the words of Alexander Pope, with which I headline the prologue to the book:

          “While from the bounded level of our mind,

            Short views we take nor see the lengths behind;

            But more advanced, behold with strange surprise,

            New distant scenes of endless science arise!"

This small book is meant to be a learning journey which will bring you to a view of these ‘new distant scenes.’

                                                                              Pat McCormack.

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