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Work Smart & More Effectively with Flexible Typing Support from My Secretary

Time is the one resource we are all often short on when it comes to running a business, but with the clever use of the tools and services around us we can use the time we do have more effectively to concentrate on the areas where we are needed most.

My Secretary is a premium provider of high quality typing services, which it offers to clients on both a retained and ad hoc basis making it a service you can rely on when you need extra support - giving you back the time to focus on where you are needed most in your business.

From legal memorandums and medico-legal reports to the transcription of book manuscripts and correspondence typing, My Secretary has got you covered to provide added support to your in-house team.

Our flexible approach allows you to use our services when you need them most, without the financial commitment of an added member of your team. With a background in professional writing, you are in safe hands when it comes to ensuring your typed materials are carefully prepared and to the highest quality.

Our services include:

  • Copy typing of written and typed materials

  • Audio transcription from both tapes and digital files

  • Medical typing (specialising in the provision of medico-legal reports)

  • Legal typing (memorandums, correspondence etc.)

  • Book transcriptions and manuscript typing

  • Editing and content creation

My Secretary is proud to work with a blue chip Client base, many of whom are retained, long-term Clients, which is testament to our commitment to providing the best typing services on the market.

Our service is fully confidential, with quality and service being our hallmarks.

If you would like to discuss your typing requirements, we would be delighted to have a chat with you - please contact us on 087 785 44 84 or by email on

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